Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eddie's Back, and I'm taking credit for it!

I Said it Here.

I Said it Here.

I Started by saying it Here.

Clearly, someone in the Blue Jays' front office is drinking my Cool-Aid. I've been all over bringing back Eddie since I started forcing my thoughts on people electronically. I suggested a first base platoon before he was ever put on waivers.

I'm taking all the credit for this.

As far as the contract goes: What a steal! almost half of what Encarnacion made last year? Yes please. A CLUB option, in case he realizes his full potential? Also yes.

Worst case scenario: Encarnacion is a streaky DH, or usefull bat-off-the-bench for $2.5 Million.

Best case scenario: Encarnacion realizes his full potential, hits 35-40 HR, and primarily DHs, while spelling Lind at 1B.

Perfect World Scenario: Encarnacion works dilligently over the remaining off-season and becomes an above-average defensive 3B, Hits 40+ HR, and brings his batting average up to the .270-.280 range. Realistic? No, but that's what everyone would have said if I had proposed the same type of thing for Jose Bautista last year.

Let's start fresh with Edwin. He's no longer E5, He's Eddie our DH.


  1. I love this signing! When is the last time a guy who hit 21 homeruns gets signed for 2.5 mil! Crazy steal. As much as Edwin is knocked for his defense at third he has a ton of range and a rocket of an arm and can make some great plays. But, at the same time he will make a few what the **** are you doing plays as well. I think you have him at first and that will stop from making those throws across the diamond that end up in the kid in row three's hands and he can become a good defender. Here is a thought and would like to hear other peoples opinions, why not give him a look in right field. He has a cannon of an arm and he has range. Why not switch him and JB around and see if he is a servicable RF. Leave the DH spot open for someone like, do I dare say it, Manny Ramirez? Ps I think I'm the only Jays fan out there that wants to see Manny north of the border.

  2. I don't think you're the only one who wants to see Manny. He always plays well here, and more importantly, he WANTS to be here. The only problem is that he won't contribute much to the long term team, unless he is traded at the deadline. Unless he had a ridiculous season, nobody would sign him as a Type-A after the season. This is also likely his last contract, so Manny might be holding out for a second year.

    He is a GREAT hitter, and a very entertaining player. I would enjoy watching him, but it's hard to see how bringing him in now, helps this team compete in 2012 and beyond.