Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advanced Media: Who Knew?

So, apparently there's all kinds of new ways to blog, and posting big, long blog posts is becoming passe. (So I'm told by the internet. Yes, I speak with it directly.)

Thank you to everyone who's liked me on facebook so far. It occured to me that if I post the link to the page, I might get more of you. Here's hoping:!/pages/The-5th-Starter-A-Toronto-Blue-Jays-Blog/183855784963256

Also, after reading Mat Germain's excellent summary of Blue Jay Players Twittering, and the guide that was so handily provided by Ian and the Blue Jay Hunter, I thought I'd try this new-fangled-twittery-thing. Again, here's the link:

I was really looking forward to reading some of Jose Bautista's work, but apparently the Blue Jays Management have required him to close his account, after some (correct) comments that the team should not trade Travis Snider, or Kyle Drabek.

I'm dissapointed in the Jays front office. A forward thinking team should be encouraging their players to interact with their fans. Especially when he's saying the same thing that fans and bloggers have been saying for the last month. This is the time to embrace the Blue Jays Youth movement. Young, high-upside players that will be with the team for the better part of the next decade. Snider, Drabek, Zach Stewart, Brett Lawrie, Adeiny Hechevaria, Anthony Gose. This is the model of sustained success that we, as fans, have bought into. Trading any of these players should yeild a return that would be equal or better in terms of talent AND years of team control.

Censorship is still an ongoing battle, it just appears that it has a new frontier.


  1. Disappointing, but not surprising, re: Bautista. Although I can't blame the Jays for thinking they have more to lose, than to gain, with Bautista being so honest on Twitter. It is what it is. I guess we'll have to make do with Litsch telling us how excited he is about lunch at Subway.

  2. I'm enjoying the Deer-Hunting twit-pics from Brett Cecil. Man that guy loves killing things. Almost too much...

  3. As long as Cecil likes killing hitters while on the mound I'm good. :)

  4. Brett Cecil: Hunting Humans from 60' 6"

  5. Here's my stance on the whole Twitter thing: if David Price can say this ...

    "Had a chance to clinch a post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands....embarrassing"

    and still have a Twitter account, then Jose should be given that same chance. Obviously there's a bit of a learning curve, and the players are learning that first hand.

  6. I think the learning curve also applies to Management. THey will need to learn that their players connecting unfiltered and directly to their fans will build grass-roots support and drive higher attendance.

    If I were running a professional sports franchise, I would ask all of my players to "Tweet" It's free marketing!