Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Alex SantAnthopoulos

I'd imagine things are going to be pretty slow for the next few weeks, now that Zack Greinke is officially off the market. In an effort to create some worthwhile content, here are some thoughts that don't amount to enough for an article all on their own:

In the christmas spirit, I'd like to ask Alex SantAnthopolous to bring me a 3B, RF or bullpen arm. I'm ready to start making projections for next year, but I need to wait until the roster is set.

Also: Who is going to play 1B in Las Vegas now that Mike Jacobs has signed in Colorado? David Cooper? I hope so, and I hope he can continue his Romero-esque rise to the Jays, after being all but written off. Adam Loewen would also be an interesting possibility.

I'm going to do a full post this week on how scary-good the 51s could be this season. (Drabek, Stewart and Brad Mills will likely be the first 3 starters, even in a hitters' league, they will do well. The team could also have Eric Thams, Darin Mastroianni, Brett Lawrie and Adeiny Hecheverria)

SantAnthopoulos also promised me another relief pitcher, preferably a closer for next year. Looks like I'll have to accept a rain cheque for that one. Although, that said, I think our current lineup has good upside if managed properly.

What else do I need to do to get people to follow me on Twitter? (@5thStarter) Seriously, any advice is appreciated.

Also, coming in the new year: Facebook exclusive content on the 5th Starter Fan Page.(I'm like Rogers Media now: Moving exclusive content elswhere to make things difficult for passionate Jays fans.)

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  1. Somehow I cannot see both Drabek and Stewart in Vegas. Granted, Litsch prolly has the 5 hole on the big club until he shows healthy so they can deal him when they are sure his replacement is ready. I say that's Scrabble. He is a ground ball machine, and he knows how to miss bats when he needs to.

    Start of the year, I see Scrabble, Stewart too, as long man/starter versatile young arms that fill a role as they develop. You gotta face big league hitters sooner or later. Jimmy Key and Pat Hentgen both started in the pen that way. They got to adjust without the pressure of starting right away.

    Drabek is gonna have to pitch himself out of the 4 hole, he was ready last year, even THE CITO said so. Especially if that cutter of his is sharper, and he has movement on that changeup. Pappy can fix the change anyway.

    Stewart is interesting. The Jays converted him from short relief. If he starts in the pen as a long/middle guy, and the closer spot isn't getting the job done, they could slide him in there, maybe after the all star break, see what the kid can do. He had the starting innings in the minors to develop arm strength. He has electric stuff.
    If he's good at it, and I think he will be, he's ready to go for the big push in 2012.

  2. It's tempting to rush Zach Stewart into a Closer role, but would you ask Brett Cecil to close games this year if the 'pen fails? Cecil was also a converted closer, and I think that's working out nicely. Brandon Morrow has closing experience also, from his time in Seattle.

    Closer is a transitory role, and is difficult to sustain long-term success. Stewart brings more value to the Jays as a starter, and I personally hope he stays in that role.