Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SantAnthopoulous wants a closer: Get the HOFF!!

Wait... Uhhh.. Different Hoff.

In this case, I mean Trevor Hoffman. THE CLOSER-IEST CLOSER EVER. He is the all time saves leader, and is admittedly looking for a closing gig. 601 Saves and counting.

Now, I know that career saves numbers aren't everything. He had a TERRIBLE season last year, although he did manage to become the first ever reliever to reach 600 saves. He will also not command anything more than a 1-year, incentive laden deal.

Here's the biggest reason to go get "The Hoff-man": Mentorship. Closing games is all about mental strength. Hoff could be an excellent tutor to David Purcey, Josh Roenicke and any of the other young relief arms that the Jays have. It would provide the chance for a smooth transition for any of the current relievers into a closing role later in the season.

So there it is. A perfect stocking stuffer for the Blue Jays of the future. Trevor Hoffman.

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