Tuesday, November 2, 2010


First off, I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the BaseballAmerica Top 10 lists!

This year, in their wisdom, BA decided to start with the AL east, with Baltimore's list being released already. The only prospect of note is Manny Machado, but the article did mention some interesting changes that the team is making through their minor league systems. After seeing the prospect list though, I still think that Baltimore is 3-5 years away from being a serious contender in the AL East.

Boston's list comes out tomorrow, and our beloved Blue Jays will have their top 10 listed on the 10th of November. I'll probably comment on most of the lists as they come out, as I am a prospect addict. Also, in his weekly chat at BA, Jim Callis answered some Jays Questions:

    Frank (Toronto, Canada): Where do you see Deck McGuire starting next year? Is June 2012 a realistic ETA for him?

Jim Callis: High Class A, reaching Double-A by the end of the year. June 2012 is probably the earliest realistic ETA, but it's realistic. He's that polished

    Anthony (Indiana): What system has developed the most in the last calendar year? Which has suffered the biggest setback?

Jim Callis: The Blue Jays system is the most improved, because Toronto has brought in a ton of prospects via the Roy Halladay trade, the draft and international signings. We ranked the Marlins system No. 7 and the Orioles system No. 8 coming into the year, and they both look pretty thin to me right now

MOST IMPROVED SYSTEM!!!! that has to count for something!

Secondly: Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants. They have actually validated the concept of drafting nothing but #1 Pitchers, and filling the roster with scrubs. Many of you may have noticed, but the Jays had someone trying this for the better part of a decade without much success. That said, the Giants play in the NL West...

And while we're on that note: Congratulations to JP Ricciardi on his new role with the NY Mets. I do believe he is an excellent evaluator of Minor League Talent. His Failing as a GM was a complete inability to assess talent at the Major League Level. The new Mets front office is shaping up well, and could finally bring some respect back to the lesser-evil of the NY Franchises.

There have already been dozens of contract options decided on (Check out MLBTradeRumors) thanks to the moving of the deadlines, so this offseason should get off to a very fast start. Free Agency officially begins next Monday, so there will be a lot of news in the next few weeks.

Finally: In the interest of paying-it-foward (and because his posts are ridiculously well researched) go and check out FourSeamFastball, He's new, like me, so give him a read.

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