Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My $0.02 on the coaching staff.

Seriously? Who expected Pat Hentgen to emerge as the bullpen coach? I could not be more excited, as he's really demonstrated his baseball acumen over the last year. He's been on TV and radio broadcasts, and given a number of radio interviews. He even sat down with Tom Dakers for a 5 part interview over at Bluebird Banter. He really knows the Blue Jays system, and I think he will make a great coach.

I'm holding my breath on Don Wakamatsu. He could still become the manager of the Mess Mets. He deserves the job, but I really think that he could add a lot to next years' Jays squad. He is reportedly a "catching-development guru," and I believe that he was brought in specifically to work with JP Arencibia. I also believe that if Wakamatsu comes back, it is 100% certain that Arencibia catches 100 games next year. Sorry to Miguel Olivo if he wants to accept arbitration...

To be honest, I've never heard of Torey Lovullo. What I've learnt in the past few days is impressive. He's managed in both the Boston system, and before that, he was with the Indians. This guy has the credentials to be a manager in his own right, so I believe that the Jays are lucky to have him.

The rest of the cast is returning from last year. Walton and Butterfield were already announced, and Murphy will return as hitting coach. I'm excited by the blend of continuity and new voices. All of the newcomers have excellent pedigrees. Hentgen is the only one lacking experience. He has the toughest job ahead of him, as the bullpen is in need of the most improvement.

Now we just need to flesh out the roster. Things are looking awfully bright in Jaysland.

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