Monday, January 10, 2011

So, I'm Back. Here's What I've learned:

Since I'm sure you all missed me so much, I thought I would re-announce my presence. The Dominican Republic is fantastic this time of year, for those of you who are curious. I thought I'd just do one big post to cover all of my baseball-related thoughts from the last week and a bit:

-Watching baseball in January is GREAT. The Dominican Winter League tournament was on TV every day while I was away. I have irrationally commited myself to becoming a fan of the Escogido Leones. I am putting it out there now: I WILL SUBSCRIBE TO ANY NETWORK THAT AIRS WINTER LEAGUE GAMES. (Just in case the team over at Rogers are following me.)

-On that note: Eury Perez is FAST. Like scary fast. If you have a chance, draft him in your fantasy pool.

-I also learnt something fun: In Spanish, the Texas Rangers are "Los Vigilates de Texas." This is a way cooler nickname.

- I know this because I saw the spanish news update for Los Vigilantes' signing of Adrian Beltre. I assume that the entire front office has come to hate Michael Young. Although they have informed him that he will not be traded, I can't imagine him finishing that contract in Arlington.

-Whatever happened to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Californa's pursuit of every available free agent? What a bad offseason for them.

-Matt Garza joined the AL Pitching migration West. I can't really figure this trade out. The Cubs have too many starters, who are mostly overpaid. The Rays have too many prospects, and added more. I feel like there must be another shoe left to drop here. Or not. The Rays do love to hoarde talent.

-In other AL East news, Baltimore continues to overpay relievers. Kevin Gregg needs to send Alex Anthopoulos a thank you card for declining his options. He managed to get more money and more years as a result. I never, ever thought I would write that after the options were declined.

-The Jays are looking at Brian Fuentes? a $5 Million/Year LOOGY? maybe he and Octavio can form a closer platoon? I get the feeling that this year's bullpen is going to be a "Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" kind of thing all year.

- Of no real consequence, a bartender on the catamaran tour we took claimed to have once played for a Blue Jays DSL affiliate, and mentioned that he still followed the team. Considering that the only name he gave me was "Casanova" I can not verify this in any way.

-As it turns out, reports of the Jays popularity in the D.R. appear to be fairly accurate. Several of the staff at our resort went out of their way to talk about the Blue Jays with me upon seeing my hat. At first I assumed that they were just being frinedly/looking for tips, but even a groundskeeper gave me a thumbs-up and a "Yea, Blooo-Yays," So I am going to make a great leap-of-logic and assume that there is still a fanbase there.

- If anyone knows where I can buy a fitted Escogido Leones Hat (Size 7 3/8"- Don't judge me, it's in proportion to my body...) please let me know ASAP. I will consider offering a finders fee.

-Hopefully now that I'm back, I can get back into the habit of posting regularly. I'm waiting for inspiration for another feature post. I also have a lot of catching up to do on news, so I'll probably have more thoughts as things happen.

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  1. Welcome back, sir! Sounds like the Blue Jays have a pretty good following down in the Caribbean. I was in the Dominican Republic a few years ago, and a couple folks knew I was wearing a Blue Jays hat. Of course, that was before Jose Bautista ... otherwise I would've mentioned that.