Friday, January 21, 2011

He Saved $70 Million!

Alex Anthopoulos traded Vernon Wells tonight. In return he received Mike Napoli (Who I advocated for earlier in the offseason!) and Juan Rivera (Who despite a miserable 2010 season is a former All-Star)

In the process, and perhaps the biggest part of the deal, is the savings of at least $70 Million Dollars over the next 4 years. $70. Million. Dollars. SEVENTY!

I was doing this on Twitter earlier, so I thought I'd re-post here. What does $70 Million buy these days?

-3200 Pounds of Gold
-280 Lamborghini Gallardos,  or about 46 Ferrari Enzos
-29 Mint Condition Honus Wagner Baseball cars
-10 M1 Abrams Tanks
-The Phoenix Coyotes (or at least a controlling stake)
-1.9 Million Shares of Rogers (Hat tip to Rob Bland)
-The CN Tower cost $63 Million to build
-Several small Carribean Islands

Just somethings to consider as the Jays move forward. They have a LOT of money to spend. Whether that is on free agents, or the draft. $70 Million is a LOT of money.

That is all.

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