Sunday, October 17, 2010

Whatever happened to: Windows Restaurant?

Windows restaurant, a significant part of the architecture within the Rogers-Dome, was once a profitable venture. When Rogers agreed to let Aramark run the concessions within the Rogers-Dome, the Restaurant was allowed to become an afterthough. As of now, the venue is only available for group functions. And is seemingly kept open as a result of nobody knowing what to do with that space.

There had been significant rumblings that the entire center-field architecture was due for a face-lift, but as of now it appears that the only renovation will be the new video screen.

I'd love to see some serious renewal in Center Field. The Batter's-eye aside, the whole outfield section looks barren. I think it would be terrific if Rogers, and the Renaissance Hotel could come up with some kind of joint-venture to re-face the Hotel on the inside of the stadium. As part of the project, they could tear down the restaurant, eliminate the batter's-eye, and install an open-air patio (which I belive is an idea the crew at mop-up duty suggested as well)

Alternatively, I would really like to see some kind of water feature, similar to the ones in Kansas City or at Angels stadium in L.A. There wouldn't be any potential to draw revenue from this option, and it may interfere with the Football configurations (Really, who cares about the CFL?) so this might not get much attention. It would however, qualify as a major renovation, and would definitely help bring fans back to the Dome.

A third option would be to build some kind of fan-experience center. Many parks have installed these, and vary in what they offer. Some are more kid-focused, with sand-boxes and slides. Others are historically focused, and act as a team-specific hall of fame (i.e. Yankees statue garden)

I'm sure there are even more options as well, but regardless, it's time to upgrade that part of the stadium.

I'll be out of town for the rest of the week, and if anything comes up I'll try to post, but otherwise I'll have to wait until I get back for anything non-groundbreaking.

I'd love to hear other suggestions for renovations at the Rogers-Dome in the meantime.


  1. I'd love to see a patio in there, a la what the Tampa Bay Rays have down the left field side. It would be a great fan experience to have seats out there.

  2. I think it would be good to create something that could generate money outside of ticket sales...something that tourists would go to etc. I like the idea of a Toronto Blue Jays Hall of Fame kind of thing.

    However I have to agree with Ian on the patio. Beer+anything=great money maker.

  3. I'm not excluding the idea of having more than one of the above options either.

    Although: I did some research, and a fountain would not be an option as long as football continues to be played at the Rogers Dome. The field extends into the batter's eye.